March 5, 2010


We are the children who splash in your streams, that climb in your trees. We are the wise  and honored elders holding the space, and clearing the way for your community. We are the young people, strong and full of positivity, forging our identities as individuals, and as your tribe. We are the mothers and fathers who are present, growing wise, growing in love.We are the babies, who are born into love and celebration.


We are the community, the weave and the weft that comes together in music, dance, food, conversation, song. We are the profound conversations in the deep of night, we are the sweat of the dance, we are the sunlight shining through onto the new morning. We are the parks, the cafés, the streets, the meeting places formal and accidental.We are the shared spaces. We are the private spaces. We are the sacred spaces.We are the sculptures. We are the murals, the paintings, the fixtures. We are the art, both created by us, and by you.


We are the creators of our own destiny. We are collaborative, transparent, fair. We take participation seriously and with vigor. We hold ourselves accountable.Our facilities are sustainable and the joy and asset of the community, and we diligently preserve their usefulness, both physically and metaphorically. We have big and open hearts. We take the actions needed. We are connected, intuitive and engaged. We live life in a slow, sensual rhythm. We breathe. We listen.


We are the river that flows through you, bringing life, bringing health, bringing floods and grief and ultimately, cleansing and rebirth. We celebrate at its banks and ebb and flow in tune with its power. We are the tree of life with its roots dug deep.


We nurture our bodies, our minds and our souls. We treat these gifts from the creator with as much respect, diligence and devotion as we do you- for indeed, where do you begin, and we end. Our medicine is preventative, wholistic, empowered and educated. We have options, and we defend them with ferocity.

We allow passage for babies to your tribe with gentleness, reverence and into wise arms. We allow the transformative process of birth as it encompasses many levels.


Our food is your bounty. We are surrounded by it and are nourished to the core by it. It sustains us on many levels. It is our connection, our play, our work and our environ. The art of growing and cooking is a link interwoven throughout the whole community.


Our streetscape reflects who we are in your community. We are unhindered by traffic, by overloading of vehicles, of noise pollution. Our transport systems are economical, , ethical, sociable and accessible.

We hold with gratitude the financial system of the wider world, but are not limited by it. We trade in services, in vegetables, in intention and energy and love.

Our work is a synthesis of passion and business. We deal ethically and responsibly, taking all the social and environmental factors into consideration. As a community we support each other, in business and in life. We are a web of workers, reliant and contributing to each other.

Our homes are welcoming and reflections of inner peace and community life. Our vision starts here, and we live in integrity.


We are the collective custodians for your children. We are attentive to their needs, support them to grow in love, in curiosity, in personality. We provide them an education of life, of caring for each other and the world, of discovering who they are and their own capacities.


In respect and love for you and your people, we are a blazing light and beacon for sustainably. In everything we do, we look to you as a judge and as a guide. Our energy- esoterically and electrically- is owned by you, channeled by us, responsibly and sustainably.

We are self sufficient, harnessing the gifts you provide for us in ways that can endure down through the generations.

We deal with our own shit. We find new ways, better ways. We do not let ignorance or lack of understanding become an excuse for being another generation that lets you slip by. We are the generation that takes our conscious imperative and brings it to fruition.


We hold the vision in love, and watch it grow.  This is our pledge to you.


One Response to “Motherland”

  1. Alice said

    Wow. That is brilliant. Love it.

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