February 28, 2010

Moving to Bellingen has facilitated a shift in me from simply observing the moon and taking a intentional yet superficial involvement in my lunar rhythms, so deepening my understanding of how Mama Quilla (the ancient Incan Moon-Goddess) influences me, and how surrendering to the flow can enrich my life, and create space and peace therein.

This new moon just passed, I was invited into a circle of women to share a meal, some feminine support, and to voice our intentions for the coming month. I was moved deeply by the gathering, and feel a special connection to each of the women over and above the bond I already have with them- some of my most beloved friends.

My intentions for this moon revolved a lot around healing issues- not so much situations, but energies below the surface that were creating situations. I feel now that through my intentions and actions to clear those issues, I have created space to re-vision my life and start living with more intergrety and bliss.

A couple of days ago, thanks to a weekly child minding swap I have with a dear friend, I had the time and space to spend a  day engaging in self renewal and eliciting love for myself and my life. From this organically came my “visions for a beautiful life”.

Now, as the moon approaches fullness, I am going to write this synergistic vision down, not so much as a speaking of intention, but of a commitment and pledge to shift into this life, as the moon gives me her power to bring my life, too, to total fullness.

Self Renewal and Actualization

  • Chakras well balanced
  • Aware of and acting within universal energies
  • Constantly seeking deeper consciousness, awareness, wisdom and insight
  • Creating space for renewal and actualization
  • Balance being and doing
  • Strong connection to nature
  • Strong connection to the Divine
  • A unique individual who is part of the Divine Whole
  • Embrace femininity, divinity, community and creativity
  • Use resources wisely and gratefully
  • Cultivate inner and universal peace
  • Raise my vibrations and those of the earth
  • Communicate clearly and non-violently
  • Goddess consciousness
  • Synergistic life


  • Live in my body mindfully and with awareness
  • Using natural, gentle and wholistic health whenever possible
  • Utilize preventative healthcare
  • Fulfilling exercise that develops more than just the physical
  • Full understanding and conscious action of my responsibility to my body
  • Honouring my body as a divine earthly temple
  • Whole food, ethical, nurturing, slow and delicious nutrition
  • Honouring the blood mysteries, birth and the female body
  • Synergistic body-mind-soul-heart health
  • Resilient and peaceful mental wellbeing
  • Release of habits and beliefs that keep me overweight
  • Within a healthy weight range
  • Utilization of positive eustress, release and learning from negative stress
  • A beautiful body with gorgeous, unique clothes and adornments, long lustrous hair with beading and wraps, the return of my nose stud, and tattoos of the tree of life and a positive affirmation
  • Optimum digestive, immune and other systemic health


  • Grounded, centred and loving as a mama
  • Conscious and connective mothering
  • Three children
  • Growth of my self (and my children) through mothering
  • Peaceful and transformative births
  • Honouring and holding the space for their individuality and self actualization
  • Connecting with and deepening my partnership and own and children’s wellbeing through parenting with Zai
  • Healthy, aware and loving childbearing continuum
  • Deep involvement and holding the space for their education, both through natural learning and the Steiner system


  • Birth Counsellor and holder of the space for conscious and enlightened childbearing continuum
  • Sucessful, resilient, creative and passionate business owner
  • Further studies in counselling, holistic psychology, sociology, birth/women’s development, and doula/childbirth education
  • Holistic childbearing continuum centre
  • Both financial and soulful abundant rewards
  • Continuing personal and professional development and reflection, enjoyment and fulfillment


  • Expressing threads of the whole, especially self renewal and actualization, through writing- the key to synergy
  • Novellist
  • Birth history book and other birthing works
  • Social consciousness writer
  • Birth consciousness writer
  • Further studies in writing- balancing the art and craft of writing


  • Sustainable, resilient life with awareness and integrity
  • Strong links, love and involvement in the community- cherishing and nurturing Bellingen
  • The Peaceful Birth Collective
  • Online/IRL Bellingen childbearing continuum community
  • Traumatic birth experience awareness and healing
  • Peace activism
  • Birth activism
  • Womens/human rights activism
  • Active Greens member
  • Active Transition Bellingen member
  • Gateway Festival
  • Bellingen Baby


  • Being a loving Allomama/aunty
  • Close relationship with my mother
  • Release of the negative energy surrounding my birth
  • Nurturing the relationships I have with my extended family
  • Tribal definition of family and involvement therein
  • Loving group of women as a catalyst for connection and personal growth
  • Non violent communication
  • Honouring the present interaction as sacred, connective and a source of depth
  • Release of sexual trauma and closed heart
  • Lovingly intimate and deep sex life with Zai
  • Partnership embodying depth of connection, respect for the individual and partnership, holding space for growth, love, enjoyment and emissaries of Divine universal love with Zai


  • Hiking, camping, biking and nature
  • Great fiction and non-fiction book collection
  • Great music collection
  • Four festivals a year
  • Domestic and international travel, connecting with culture and place (combined with writing)
  • Lots of local community events and shared meals
  • Skills and supplies in arts and crafts
  • Drumming, fire poi and belly dancing
  • Soulful internet interactions

Home and Finance

  • Sacred, wise, and well managed use of space and time
  • Frugally and wisely used material and monetary resources, and grateful for their abundance
  • Living simply and sustainably
  • Some kind of communal/collective living
  • Earthy hippie home in a beautiful natural place
  • A mutual sense of ownership and belonging to home