Inner Peace, World Peace

September 7, 2008

After a particularly beautiful meditation today, I envisioned myself sending love and light out into the world. I was left with an auric sense of calm, and I lay there in the afternoon light soaking it in.

A thought occured in my head: “The Universe is peace and love.” A statement, from nowhere, maybe from the universe itself. And then: “You are part of the Universe. Therefore, you are peace and love. So why so low about yourself?”

I really do believe in the interconnectedness of all things. Not so much a butterfly effect kind of concept; that our actions have consequences to others, just like a butterfly’s wings snowballing into cyclones on the other side of the world- but a deeper, spiritual kind of butterfly effect. That our energy and our intentions will touch the spirit of all things. And furthermore, we are “all things”, that is, we are all part of one Divine Whole.

I’m going a bit flaky and dippy here, it’s a hard concept for me to put into words. It’s just something that sits within me, this belief.

I had never explored this thought however- the extension of the One Divine Whole belief, being the love we have for ourselves as a reflection of the love we have for the universe, or life, or whatever you want to conceptualise it as. Writing this now, it surprises me that I have never made this connection before, or perhaps I have, but not to the extent I’m feeling it now.

If we cannot seperate the deepest part of ourselves from all that around us, it can be telling not only of our beliefs, but also of the state of the world. If at the core of ourselves, we love ourselves, then the world reflects that in love. Or perhaps it’s just the perception we have of the world- self love as part of the universe, allows us to see in ways that are positive and with gratitude. Similarly, if we have low self esteem, the world will appear dark.

I think it’s more than just perception though. I believe, a deeply positive attitude creates a collective unconciousness which in turn creates a world that is peaceful. The very fabric of life becomes the light that we all seek.

On a less esoteric, more practical level, the intentions we have in the way we act towards ourselves manifest in the actions we show the rest of the world. If we have good self esteem, we will communicate assertively with others. If we have self worth, we will fight for human rights in a wider sense. If we love ourselves, we are free to love others without resentment or fear or guilt.

So often I have felt that I shouldn’t like myself, shouldn’t be kind and gentle with myself, because I don’t think I deserve it. But if I don’t like myself, what does that say about my belief that ultimately, the world is a beautiful place and life is (mostly) wonderful?

Writing and thinking this through right now, I believe I have a responsibility to explore this. And if I’m right, then we all have a part to play in creating a peaceful world.

As an experiment, I am going to conciously choose thoughts that reflect my love of the universe in myself for the next few weeks, and see how my feelings about myself and the world around me changes.