What Are You Voting For?

July 8, 2008

I was reading an editorial in an old Byron Child magazine (now Kindred) this morning. One of the issues discussed was that of conscious consuming in light of disillusion with the voting system. Kali put forward that the most powerful vote we have is that of the almighty dollar, and that has really got me thinking.

What am I voting for? As I make out my shopping list, where is my money actually going? I have great intentions to shop at the farmers market and the local greengrocer, but more than likely I’ll end up doing it at Coles, for convenience. A vote for the big corporations, storage of fruits and vegetables for months, and the bottom line. A vote against the local farmers, the environment and the community.

We live a ten minute walk from town, but often I drive instead of walking, again mostly due to convenience. That’s a vote for laziness, petrol companies and a vote against the environment, and my health.

It’s not just consuming that can be seen in this light though. Every action we take part in has an intention behind it, be it conscious or subconscious, and by examining that, and the consequences, we can live more consciously.

What is behind what we do? So many things are done simply by routine, or unthinkingly, which I think, may be the first stage of our minds atrophying.

As I read that editorial, I was breastfeeding my baby. A vote for the healthiest and most beneficial (and not to mention normal) way to nourish my son. Whilst I fed him I was reading the old Byron Child. A vote for educating myself, and independent media.

And now, writing this down, I am sharing my thoughts with you. A vote for speaking out, and speaking up. A vote for a more conscious society.



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