Generation Gap?

July 7, 2008

Something I read the other day really resonated with me. It was about the “generation gap” and the lack of respect and understanding that plays about between the generations.

I despise the labels ‘baby boomer’, ‘generation x’ and ‘generation y’. I find them really stifling, stereotyped labels that do more to push people apart rather than together. They are, to me, most predominatedly written about in negative terms, and competitively, between the generations, as a kind of written slanging match to prove just which cohort group is superior.

This kind of thinking is lazy at best, and incredibly divisive and damaging at worst. It belies the natural ability we have to share our wisdom, whether young or old, to learn from experience and strengthen communities. People are not labels, they are people. To think otherwise is semantical nonsense. Just because someone may decide to label me an elephant, or a guitar, does not make me so.

I have to admit however, I readily do fall into this lazy thinking at times. I am guilty of resenting people simply because of their age, and the stereotype that they drag around their neck. But I acknowledge that this is lazy thinking, test the truth of it, and challenge it when it comes up in others.


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