Eliciting the Suffocated Self

July 7, 2008

I think there are many sides to any person, and any person’s psyche. That might be a paradigm but I cannot see that it can be untrue. Furthermore, which is a little bit more debatable, but probably just as obvious with a little bit of thought, is that all these facets of ‘self’ can be, and often are, in conflict with each other.

I am wondering, where do these conflicts come from? Are they incidental? Or is there something that creates a rift in our selves, that needs to remedied? And if so, how?

Take the first viewpoint. They are meant to be there. They create in us, a sense of depth and layering, but also, they provoke us to question ourselves and look with in. This would, hopefully, bring about a more conscious and mindful journey through life. A search for meaning and full integration with every decision that we make in our lives. A growing sense of empowerment, responsibility and choice.

But what if they are an anomaly of the way we live? That our true selves, deep within in us, are made up of harmonious and interdependant facets that resonate and complement each other, perhaps so much so that it is impossible to define where one begins and the other ends. We simply are who we are.

So if this is the case, where do internal conflicts come from? This is the nurture side of the nature and nurture debate I suppose, that pressures from others, from the media, from governance and search for materialistic or less-than-meaningful goals creates in us a blindness to what it is we really want and need.

And how do we go about remedying this? Distance ourselves from the world as it is? That is nigh on impossible, given the way our society operates. It is a fundamental thing, so many values and institutions and habits would need to change to make this possible.

And so, the only way I can see right now, is to live more mindfully. Do not follow blindly the urges we have, but examine them, their roots, and what the true need behind them is. Make informed choices. Be.


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